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Combating Gun Violence


Protecting communities from the epidemic of gun violence is a top priority for La Shawn as an elected official, community leader, and a parent. La Shawn helped establish the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force, which is charged with analyzing data from other states with concealed carry laws and examining other firearm-related public safety issues in Illinois. He also has led efforts to create the Violence Prevention Task Force and the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force aimed at better addressing gun violence. 

La Shawn has advocated for a performance audit of the Chicago Police Department to evaluate police emergency response times in Chicago neighborhoods and communities and make recommendations to improve response times in primarily Black and Brown neighborhoods.

La Shawn has also pushed for increased police presence in areas that experience greater levels of violence and urged the Illinois National Guard to work with other law enforcement agencies to combat violence in Chicago.

Through community town hall meetings, violence prevention summits and his First Day of Summer Day of Mourning, La Shawn works together with community leaders and organizations to fight the scourge of gun violence. 

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