issues & Legislation

Expanding Employment Opportunities


La Shawn has championed a series of bills and held numerous events aimed at increasing job opportunities for workers in marginalized communities. La Shawn passed the African American Employment Plan Act that increases the number of Black workers who are employed and promoted in state government. He has also advocated and supported efforts to employ job applicants with non-violence criminal records to help them rebuild their lives.

La Shawn passed a law creating the Commission on Young Adult Employment, which addresses the readiness and ability of young adults to find employment after completing their education. La Shawn regularly sponsors career fairs linking thousands of job seekers with potential employers, and he sends a daily Workforce Development email listing current job openings to thousands of subscribers. 

The Small Business Empowerment and Workforce Development Task Force was also created with La Shawn’s support, and he has worked with YWCA to hold workshops in economic empowerment, especially for women.

More Issues

Securing Fair Housing

La Shawn knows how a healthy and safe home can impact your future — no matter where you grow up. He has championed legislation protecting homeowners and is a leader

Promoting Small Businesses

As a small business owner, La Shawn has championed numerous bills aimed at supporting other small business owners and entrepreneurs and their communities. La Shawn is responsible for creating the

Enhancing Education Opportunities

La Shawn understands the importance of access to quality education for children across Illinois, especially for students in disinvested communities. La Shawn is fighting for a comprehensive public high school